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.10 - DAGA WINNERS 2004
Congratulations to all the winners. To all new applicants; please visit these sites, as they exemplify what I'm looking for...


(424) Seacology
Seacology is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization with the sole and unique purpose of preserving the environments and cultures of islands throughout the globe. Awarded December 2004 to Emily Klokkevold, USA. - Upgraded: from David Artrusso Bronze Award.


(416) Angstrom Lighting
Angstrom Lighting is a full-service lighting and special effects supplier. Angstrom rents, sells and services dimming, lighting and stage equipment for special events, theater, trade shows, schools, churches, architectural applications and film. Angstrom also offers design and consultation services. Awarded November 2004 to Bruce McAlpine, USA.

 Angstrom Lighting


 Maddocks Systems Inc

(411) Maddocks Systems Inc
Maddocks Systems Inc. has been providing trucking software and logistics software to the industry for over 20 years. Our dedication to developing trucking software has led to the creation of TruckMate for Windows (TM4Win); an enterprise wide transportation software system installed at over 450 sites across the US and Canada. Awarded October 2004 to Ian Conklin, Canada.

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