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.08 - DAGA WINNERS 2004 / 2003
Congratulations to all the winners. To all new applicants; please visit these sites, as they exemplify what I'm looking for...

 La Regia Marina

(276) La Regia Marina
La storia della Marina Militare (allora, Regia Marina) nella seconda guerra mondiale: la sua preparazione, organizzazione, i suoi mezzi, la sua storia. In italiano e in inglese. Awarded April 2004 to Arnaldo Borsa, Italy.


(275) The Art Of Herb Sellin
A Retrospective Exhibition of more than 600 Works of Art painted by Herb Sellin over a period of more than 30 years. Awarded April 2004 to Herb Sellin, Canada.

 The Art Of Herb Sellin


 The Great Wall of Books

(160) The Great Wall of Books
This site features book reviews organized by author, title and category. Each review includes a general summary of the plot or information (with a minimum of spoilers). They will also include a personal review, which discusses the webmaster's opinion of the plot, the characters, the themes, the level of instruction and/or the author, as appropriate. Awarded October 2003 to Kim Cole, USA.

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