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.07 - DAGA WINNERS 2003
Congratulations to all the winners. To all new applicants; please visit these sites, as they exemplify what I'm looking for...

(157) Witheridge
The Witheridge Village web site has been designed to provide a broad range of both community and historical information pages for the use of residents and visitors alike, as well as serving as a platform to promote our village on the world wide web. Awarded October 2003 to David C Taylor, United Kingdom.



 Jazz Alley XG Midis

(155) Jazz Alley XG Midis
We host only original xg midis by some of the best xg composers from around the world. Awarded Sept. 2003 to John McDougald, USA.


(116) 4 Elements Award
A top rated and unique awards program offering a digital art gallery and information on the 7 Wonders of the World. Awarded June 2003 to Vina Galindo, USA.

 4 Elements Award


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