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• Trust Worthy Site •Is your site a 'Trust Worthy Site' ? This is an invitation to all webmasters & webmistresses who have a highly ethical web site. If you satisfy the set standards in our program, which were put in place with the only scope to protect, and provide, Internet users, with highly ethical, and safe surf web sites, then read more here: Trust Worthy Site.

• Website Awards Worksheet - Over 500 Award Sites •This free resource helps you apply for website awards and track your activities! The Worksheet is a Web page, and the names of the awards are linked to the Award Sites. After copying it to your own hard drive and loading it into your browser, follow the links to hundreds of Award Sites around the world to apply for their awards, then log your activities in the source document with a text editor. Enter the dates you apply for awards, the dates you receive awards, and any notes you want to keep for future reference. Simple and easy to use, the Worksheet is a great organizer!

• RAU Awards Institute™ •RAU Awards Institute™ does not give out awards, nor does it rate or certify awards programs or webmasters at least, not yet. It is intended as an educational how-to resource (and, perhaps, a reality check) for those who are interested in or are just getting started with building a web awards program, as well as a resource for those who are looking to improve the program they already have. The Institute will have discussions and articles on the various aspects of creating and maintaining an awards program and a web site, as well as links to valuable resources for the awards webmaster.

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