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 DAGA International Awards

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Welcome to DAGA International Awards...
This program has been started on this day: Monday, 02 June 2002 and since it's beginning DAGA award program is seeking for websites that promote great creativity. Im a Producer Designer (Scenographer). Graduted at Academy of Fine Arts of Naples with final grade 109/110 with degree thesis about history and technique of the direction. Therefore, I think that you as a webmaster or webdesigner can put a lot of creativity in webdesign, as an Art into your site. You as a webmaster or designer can make the internet a better place. A place to exchange ideas, creativity and content. I believe that through this message, your creativity will be motivated...

If you believe you can not create a website that is as good as the websites of other designers on the world wide web, than I wish to tell you: you are mistaken. Just open your mind and begin to create.

I would like to remind you that DAGA is to honour your website. Not to promote my own or my awards! You with your website must meet my established criteria in order to qualify for an award from DABA to the prestigious DAPA. Therefore, please don't apply without reading the criteria pages. These criteria pages contain a lot of information about winning the David Artrusso Gold Awards.

DAGA's criteria was updated on October 01, 2005.
Only applicants who applied after that date will be bound by any rules that changed or were added.

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