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As in all award programs, we also have our disqualification rules, for obvious reasons. Although this page may not be appealing due to its nature, you should appreciated the scope behind it; to provide a better Internet with family friendly and safe surf web sites.
Below is a list of all disqualifying criteria. There are no exceptions! Any web site meeting one or more of these conditions will be automatically disqualified. Applicants who will have their web sites disqualified will be notified accordingly highlighting the disqualifying factors.

 Red Point Promotion of illegal activities.

 Red Point If site contains porn, discrimation or racism of any kind.

 Red Point Promotes hatred, violence, jingoism, intolerance.

 Red Point Copied images from another site, that are in violation of copyright, to include the use of any graphics or text not created by you without permission from and proper credit given to the original author.

01. Under construction signs. Sites that contain any "under construction" graphics or text or anything eluding to that fact. All pages must be ready for viewing.

02. Sites that require a login or password in order to view any portion of your web site, aside from personal account information. Then, entire site must be accessible without passwords or other restrictions.

03. Sites that contain any script that disables or changes the function of the mouse. Trailing mouse cursors, 'No-Right Click' script, scripts which prevent the viewing HTML coding, scripts which automatically initiate downloads without user permission.

04. No horizontal scrollbars at a 800x600 screen resolution with exceptions of search engine, site map, guestbooks and forums hosted on external resources. Not more than three pages. [Deductions Points - 3 points to every page.]

05. Slang language, a very bad incorrect spelling and/or grammar.

06. Sites with script errors or visible HTML fragments and if your code causes my computer to crash.

07. Sites that do not function properly or contain visible errors in Internet Explorer.

08. Sites with a lots of animated gifs all over the pages.

09. Sites that use a scrolling text or error messages in the status bar.

10. Sites without an awards won page.

11. Applications with no DAGA password.

12. Sites with satanism and dark life.

13. Contains more than three broken images [Deductions Points - 2 points to every image.]

14. Sites with more than three broken internal link [Deductions Points - 2 points to every link.]

15. Sites with more than three broken external link [Deductions Points - 2 points to every link.] 


 Red Point I don't want to see, feel and review these websites. If you know that your site contains illegal material, I will contact the appropriate authorities as soon as possible. If in your site images appear that you have not listed in your copyright notice and without written consent from the rightfull owner, I will contact their respective creators. You can read more information HERE.

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