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That all graphics, written content, and code are created by Raffaele Russo, Owner, Webmaster and Webdesigner of Euromania and DAGA International Awards unless otherwise mentioned, they remain the property of the Webmaster and as such, are copyrighted 2002/2005, with exception of awards received, the membership and affiliation badges, logos, banners, or seals which belong to their respective owners and are displayed with their permission.

All of these graphics displayed within the Euromania and DAGA remain the property and copyright of those associations.

All graphics displayed within Euromania remain the property and copyright of those of Raffaele Russo. The Euromania has received permission, either by e-mail or application form, to display members award graphics within this directory. It will support any member who has suffered a breach of copyright. Any additional graphics or written content not created by Euromania is indicated as such and used with permission , either by e-mail or application form obtained from the original source. Such graphics that may be listed in the members Index at any one time may not be used, recreated, duplicated or changed in any way, to do otherwise is a breach of members copyright.

Communication from the Commission of the European Communities:
on copyright protection of the common face design of the euro coins.

All the pages on this site and all the original materials, the photos, the inventions, the distinctive signs, the banner, the logos contained in this site are protected by the Italian laws and by the international treatises on copyright (to the senses of the D.L. 29 December 1992 nr. 518 and D.L.16 November 1994 nr. 685) and they are of exclusive ownership of Raffaele Russo. All reproductions are forbidden and like this prosecutable in civic center and penalty (art. 615 ter c.p. and art. 17 and 64 bis, l. 633/ 41), except if it is expressly indicated the source of the copyright of a third part, and they could not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, exposed or published without the previous written permission of the owner Raffaele Russo.

It is forbidden altering or removing each mark of from the copies of the content.

It is allowed the reproduction and/or the copy of the material from this site only for exclusive personal use or for studying on only one computer and in only one copy, for not commercial use, and provided that all the indications of copyright and of ownership are not altered. If you want to be authorized to withdraw the material of this site write to: Raffaele Russo.

I wish to thank
my friend
Jesmond Calleja for his help

The flags or this site were provided by ... A BIG THANKS!!!

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