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I wish to thank all webmasters/mistresses who took the time to review and evaluate this site and found it worthy of an award.


Received: June 10, 2004

 Award N 334

Dear Raffaele,
Thank you for your interest in ThiatraCat Awards. We've had a chance to visit your site, and we were really impressed by the work you've done. It's clear you've devoted a substantial amount of time and dedication to your work. Your site is excellent. We are pleased to present you with ThiatraCat's Gold Award of Excellence. You've most definitely earned it. Thank you again for inviting us to your site. Be Well, Thia, Cat and Fay.

Rating = AS! 3.0

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Received: June 09, 2004

 Award N 333

Your site has earned theGrafixGuy's GoldStar Web Site Award with a score of 61 points. We found your site to be an interesting and very informative with detailed information about the Euro and excellent imagery as well. Your topic is well researched and beautifully presented and therefore has fully earned the GoldStar Award you have been presented with. Keep up the excellent work. Sincerely, Brian Grimmer.

Rating = AS! 3.5 - UWSAG 3.0 - AFA 2.0

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Received: June 09, 2004

 Award N 332

I am pleased to announce that you have won an award from Beth's Pages! I am so honored that you applied for one of my awards. Thank you! Your site is excellent, and you have met all my criteria. Keep up the good work! Have a wonderful day! Beth.

Rating = AS! 3.0 - UWSAG 1.0+

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Received: June 09, 2004

 Award N 331

Hi Raffaele,
First let me say thank you for allowing be the privilege to evaluate your site for this award, it's not easy to win and many do not but... drum roll... Congratulations! You site has qualified for the WM8C's Ham Links Stamp of Excellence Award. You site is extremely well done, very easy to navigate and a great addition to the world wide web. I can see you have spent a lot of time perfecting you site. Once again, congratulations!

Rating = AS! 4.0

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Received: June 08, 2004

 Award N 330

Congratulations you have won Art Rose Gold Award! 
I want to thank you for allowing me to review your site. The content is exciting and your great work is on display and is evident on every page. Best regards, June Rydgren.

Rating = AS! 3.0 - EAI 2.0 - UWSAG 2.0+


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