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I wish to thank all webmasters/mistresses who took the time to review and evaluate this site and found it worthy of an award.


Received: January 29, 2004

 Award N 314

Dear Raffaele,
It is my pleasure that you have won the Jetzone 1 Star Merit Award for your website! Your work at the Euromania website proved to be a valuable addition to the internet community. You combineda nice layout with some good information on our 'new' currency. Thank you for visiting the Jetzone Award Program and good luck with your website ! Ciao, Andries van Straten, Webmaster Jetzone 2000, The Netherlands.

Rating = AS 4.5

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Received: January 29, 2004

 Award N 283  Award N 313

Hi Raffaele,
I have visited your site today and think you have done a great job with upgrades and keeping your site up to date ! Therefore, it gives me great pleasure in presenting you with the Award of Excellence Gold. Have a great day! Krista.

Rating = AS 4.0 - WA 10 - UWSAG 4.0 - EAI 2.0

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Received: January 28, 2004

 Award N 312  Award N 312

Congratulations Raffaele Russo, your website has won the Alcazaren Silver Award. What has been evaluated is the content, design and navegation of the Euromania page. It has been a great experience to get in touch with your website and I am very happy to offer you the mentioned award. The work that you have done to offer such a well presented and informative Euro and European content is enormous. The overall site superior quality must also be mentioned the same as the artistic presentation. It was a real pleasure to visit your site and it well deserves the award. Best regards from Madrid, Luis Vadillo.

Rating = AS 3.5 - WA 8 - UWSAG 3.0 - EAI 2.0 - OAI 2.0 - ASR 2.0

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Received: January 24, 2004

 Award N 285  Award N 311

Congratulations Raffaele!
Due to the high quality of your website "Euromania" (and improvements since last application), we are delighted to be able to award you our Silver Prospective Award, which is very difficult to win ! Greetings from Marseilles, France. Lionel A. Bouchon and Didier Grau, Evaluators.

Rating = AS 4.5 - WA 10

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Received: January 22, 2004

 Award N 310

Congratulations Raffaele!
Our Evaluation Panel have now completed their review of your site, Euromania, and I am delighted to be able to award you our GNAE Awards Programme Bronze Award (Jan 2004). Best Regards, Shells.

Rating = AS 5.0 - WA 10**


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